By the numbers

  • 28 weeks and change into this pregnancy
  • 81 days remaining until the estimated due date
  • 3-point turns now required to roll over in bed; up to 2 hours a night lost to pregnancy insomnia (1 husband who sometimes has to flee to the guest bedroom to get any sleep at all, and I suspect that’s only going to become more common in the days to come)
  • 10 days of antibiotics prescribed for an infection that was starting to nip at my kidneys (3 cheers for a compromised immune system!)
  • 2 visits so far to a chiropractor who specializes in pediatrics and pregnancy, the first of which instantaneously and miraculously resolved the excruciating lower back pain that had me completely sidelined from things like “sitting” and “doing anything besides lying on a heating pad”
    • 1 visit a week planned throughout the rest of the pregnancy and probably beyond
    • $10 copay for an hour with the on-staff massage therapist
  • 2 dogs in the house through August, one of which takes 2 Prozac a day: little brother has left his anxiety-riddled animal in my care while he traipses around Central America with his girlfriend prior to moving to Medellin
  • $7 to swim at the Fraternal Order of Eagles pool, exactly 2 minutes from my house: this weekend our next-door neighbor left us a note on the front door telling us about it–although it’s close, it’s totally tucked away and we’d have had no clue
  • 106 degrees forecasted for today
    • 0 walks to be taken with the dogs when it’s that freaking hot
  • 10 hours a week is what I’m averaging on dissertation work this month; I might have been able to pull off a few more but despite what I’d wanted and planned, that’s about what pregnant me has to give while also taking care of everyday life and there’s not much to be done about that
    • 5 days from now the fellowship officially kicks in so I can start a whole new cycle of feeling guilty about my output (though honestly, if I weren’t being paid for this, there would be 0 fucks given about any of it at this moment in time)
  • 1 year houseiversary being celebrated today, though it seems like both more and less time has passed. I adore it here, and it feels more and more like a home all the time.

Finally, by way of closing, a gratuitous photo of 10 pairs of colorful baby socks (d’awwwww):

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  1. Ouch to the back pain. I’ll stop complaining about our 80 degree highs.

    Also, I love baby socks. The only baby shower game I’ve ever been good at involved matching up baby socks. (And there was another naming kids in TV families, but Sean and I worked as a team.)

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