Puerto Rican politicians react to Obama visit


From El Nuevo Día:

Senators in Puerto Rico opened this morning’s session with comments about Obama’s wholly self-interested fundraising trip historic visit yesterday. My favorite comes from Melinda Romero:

“There were no solutions, proposals, nothing…That showed me that (Obama’s) real commitment is to guaranteeing his re-election, taking advantage of the increased numbers of Puerto Ricans in cities in the United States. And that’s what the President came for, to buy those Puerto Ricans that have the right to vote [emphasis added] and to make it appear that he’s taking care of the needs of their families here…I never thought that this trip would be used in a political manner or that the only benefit would be to the national political coffers.”

Elsewhere, Juan Dalmau (head of the Puerto Rican Independence Party), called the visit “empty”, criticizing Obama’s speech as one that failed to address concrete topics and as such could have been given anywhere. But “he left with his suitcase full of money for his reelection campaign”- $1.2 million of it.




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