All eyes on.. Florida…


(Headlines from AP via Palm Beach Post; Los Angeles Times; Huffington Post; Slate; Christian Science Monitor (THANK YOU).)

Asshole move, Mr. President.

No need to expound on this much. I’ve written here recently about the historically unprecedented wave of violence the Island is experiencing (noting how violent crime rates appear to closely track unemployment figures, which continue to be significantly higher in Puerto Rico than the national average). I repeat, though I’d rather not have to: schools are in trouble. The local economy is crippled, while preferential treatment is given to multinational corporations against which there is no competition. There’s crazy shit being done to and in the Supreme Court. All of this, and we can’t even pretend Obama’s visit signals that some sort of attention will be paid to any of it. But so happy he came.

I hope he enjoyed la fokin medianoche.

Credit: B. Torres Gotay (@TorresGotay)


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