Reactions to Ley 54 decision



  • Gov. Milhouse Luis Fortuño promises that Ley 54 will be changed: “…if in some way we need to amend our laws to guarantee that regardless of the kind of relationship you may have, you’ll always be protected, we’re going to do it. … Everyone can be sure that we’re going to work on drafting legislation attending to those loopholes, and that legislation will have my total support so that it becomes law.” (Spanish-language video here; note that he’s addressing women–usted va a estar protegida siempre.)
  • The Department of Justice has ordered that the law continue to be applied in cases that involve an adulterous relationship.
  • Puerto Rico para Tod@s, a LGBT rights organization, is calling for the law to be amended to include protection for those involved in homosexual relationships.

We’ll see where this goes..


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