Photo credit Carlos Giusti, El Nuevo Día

Standing outside the gates of UPR-Río Piedras on the 24th day of the student strike, police prevent parents and other family members from delivering food and water to those inside.

Electricity and water on the campus have been cut off for over a week. A civil suit was brought several days ago by a group of parents who sought to provide their children with these basic supplies, to no avail. A doctor was denied entry to the campus for several hours yesterday before finally being allowed to enter to treat a student who had requested medical attention.

Overall there has been little violence, and some police, though continuing to follow these orders, have vocalized their solidarity with the demonstrating students.

Students at all 11 UPR campuses are striking to protest drastic budget cuts, fee hikes, and the potential privatization of the island’s oldest and largest university system.

Additional information (Spanish):

Desde Adentro
h u e l g a e n t é r a t e


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