Nostalgia for the inconvenient


It’s been overcast here the past couple of days, and just now, as the afternoon sky darkened with the promise of heavy spring rain, I had a flashback to the power outages that were a frequent part of my life over the past several years. The silence that settled over my house contrasted with the click and hum of the neighbor’s planta eléctrica, the forced tranquility of hours without technological distractions, the chorus of beeps and whirs and explosions of light from bulbs I’d forgotten were on that marked my appliances’ joyous returns to life as electricity was restored to the neighborhood.

It’s funny, the things you’d never think you’d miss, the things that you do miss even knowing what giant pains in the ass they were.

El que nunca ha estado ausente, no ha sufrido guayabo
hay cosas que hasta que no se viven no se saben…

– Silvio Brito / Rafael Manjarrez, “Ausencia Sentimental”


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